Old time Rafter Ties

January 27, 2015  •  2 Comments

Our client would always say the word,  “Outdoor room”.  At first this meant to me that this room would be outside- perhaps a deck or screen porch.  However, in these people’s mind, the outdoor room was, well... indoor; a space that you could use all winter long and never be cold.  I began to understand that this ‘outdoor’ room was more of a rustic space where you could open the windows in the summer and feel the air.

 As we started working on this space we decided to put rustic boards on the walls and ceilings to make it look like an old barn. But it needed something else.

I remember when I was a child seeing an old barn that had cables tying the two sides together to try to help pull the sag out of the roof ridge. Rafter ties.  Hey! How about some rafter ties in our ‘outdoor room’?  What do these rafter ties do? Nothing, but they look good and make the ceiling more cozy, so how about a cup of hot chocolate in the ‘outdoor room’?


Rafter tie 4Large turnbuckle Rafter tieTurnbuckel rafter tie

Rafter tie 1Rafter tie 1Outdoor roof with barn wood board walls and rafter ties Rafter tie 2Rafter tie 2 Rafter tie 3Rafter tie 3Barn wood light for outdoor room Rafter tie 5Rafter tie 5Sneak peek into outdoor room with rafter ties


Hanson Carlen Architects Spokane
Hi Antonio,

These parts were made for us by a a local welding shop. We purchased turn buckles and eyes and had them powder coated
Great work. Looking to do the same... Where can I purchase these cable rafters and hardware?
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