Higher or Lower

October 08, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

When I was young carpenter, I remember “Grandpa Mike” made his own homemade water level.   He used a couple of yardsticks and a bucket and some clear plastic tubing to make his own level.  I can remember him exclaiming in his gruff voice, “I don’t need any fancy laser and this thing works around corners! Boy, I bet your laser can’t do that!”

I wish he were still on this earth so I could say, “Not any more Grandpa!  These new devices can work around corners and up two flights!”   This device is called a Zip Level.

How does it work?  Pick a location and reset the device to zero and from there you can go anywhere within a 150’ circumference and measure how far up or down from your original point.  Yes, even around corners!  

We have found this device to be priceless for certain applications, especially for the architects working on “as-builts”.




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