Pets Love Good Design Too!

November 18, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

      For many people animals are a very important part of the family. Cats, dogs, birds – all have been part of our family for many years.    Pets need to be considered when planning a new home or remodel. Over the years, we have completed some simple and some rather elaborate concoctions for animals. So here is something we did that you may find interesting; most people with cats seem to keep a litter box in the bathroom or laundry. The question becomes, “How do you hide the darn thing?”  

So we came up with a nice solution -

a sliding door that allows the cat to enter from either end, ‘do his job’ and all in privacy!  

The nice thing is when it is time to clean the box, simply slide the partition to the end and access could not be simpler!      



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