Born on a Bridge to Short

February 13, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Being the shortest in the family, I am constantly asking for help to reach things that are too high. Our daughters are all taller than I, so whenever I ask a favor, the ribbing begins.  “Hey, Small Change” or “”Poor little Shorty” or “Here you go, Short Stuff” and it usually ends with a pat on the head!

One of the hardest things for me while cooking is when I cannot reach an upper cabinet.  Some of our cabinets are 7’ high or more and that top shelf is just too high. Naturally, I tried keeping a short stool handy so as to avoid asking for help. But that dang stool was always getting in the way- there was no good place to store it.  In the past, we have built special places to store stools inside of the cabinets we build for people. However, I look at that and think,  “No way, I do not want to loose precious cabinet space for a stool!”  

This past year we solved the problem- hooray! We had a small, white stool smartly tucked away right in the toe kick of the cabinet.   REVOULIONARY! This stool is small and simple to pull out. It is always on hand when needed, but out of the way when not in use. And it is sturdy! Now nobody messes with “Small Change” when I’m standing on my stool completely independent.  Thing is, I kinda miss the ribbing!



Step stool 1Hidden toe kick stoolThis tucks right into toe kick Step stool 2Toe kick stool folded into position. This little stool is strong enough for a 300lb man



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