Designing a Kitchen - Types of kitchens

March 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

One thing we have noticed over the years is that the kitchen space tends to become the center or the ‘hub’ for the home and family.   Kitchens are now, more than ever, taking on multiple uses other than just meal prep and everyday eating. Kitchens have become places for studying, paying bills, a place to put together crafts or wrap gifts, Internet surfing or just a comfortable place for a family hangout. 

How do we determine the best kitchen layout design for your family?  We like to start out with a questionnaire to help us ‘get into your head’ of how you would like to utilize the space you have available.  Is the priority a social, interactive, multipurpose space?  How do you like to cook?   Fun questions like these.  Next, if this is a remodel we try to find out how much space we can devote to the kitchen. In addition, we like to draw some concepts of the new layout and talk you though the various options.


Here are four basic kitchen layouts:

One Wall Kitchen:  You will see this kitchen most often in a contemporary loft or urban condominium.  Oftentimes this main kitchen wall will be facing an island that provides more food preparation space and storage.  The big minus for this type of kitchen is that there is not a work triangle; rather, movement is linear from food prep to cooking to cleanup.

Galley Kitchen:  This kitchen looks like two parallel walls with countertop cabinets and appliances on both sides with a walking corridor between the two walls.  This kitchen provides maximum function for a small space.

L-Shaped Kitchen:  You will see this style of kitchen with or without an island or peninsula.  This kitchen offers both screened space and openness; adding a second L can offer two work triangles that are nice for multiple cooks.

U-Shaped Kitchen: This kitchen is three sided which maximizes storage space and countertops.  We have modified this kitchen often into four sides, but it still has one work triangle.  


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