Bling Lighting

April 27, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

There are two types of lighting we put into our jobs.  First is the task or general lighting. This type of lighting is what we use every day but typically is not genuinely attractive.  Normally, general lighting you try to hide or not notice – hopefully it just goes away.  


The next type of lighting is decorative lighting,

which is the ‘fun’ stuff but also can be quite expensive.  

Think of decorative lights as the jewelry or bling for an attractive outfit.                     


One great light we have used on two projects is the Bocci 14 series light. 

The Bocci light consists of seamed cast glass spheres hanging from braided metal coaxial cables. 

The light interacts with bubbles and imperfections of the cast glass to produce a glow

reminiscent of small candles floating within spheres of water. 


Every light is unique.  The spheres are randomly spaced based on the total length you request for the light.  These lights add quiet a bit of bling to any room!




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