How to deal with a sloping site?

August 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

    One challenge we frequently face as architects and builders is how to deal with a building site’s slope or grade.   It seems like most sites have some type of elevation change that we must address during design.  Many times by moving some soil around and re-grading we can make a new home or an addition blend into the property perfectly. 

    However, some sites require more drastic measures such as retaining walls.  Walls can be built from a myriad of materials such as rocks, railroad ties, treated wood, metal, concrete, and even old used tires.  Depending upon the slope, material costs can become a significant portion of the site budget.  

The neat thing about the Redi Block product is that it is quite fast to install and is very attractive in the right situation. 

    The blocks are large and need heavy equipment to maneuver them into place. 

The blocks lock together with “lugs” and combined with their weight makes for a very strong wall.  They are kind of like Legos for your landscaping.

Redi Block products come in concrete color and can be stained to look like basalt or a number of other natural stones. 



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