Night Lights For All Ages

August 31, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

When I was a youngster, I remembering always wanting my mother to leave a night light on when I went to bed.  Somehow the light seemed to keep the nighttime monsters from my bedroom and helped make the night restful.

Now that I am no longer a youngster, I find I am back to wanting a nightlight on; but for different reasons than monsters! I must not be the only guy who feels this way - it seems most of our clients really like and appreciate the nightlights we have been building into their projects. 


Nowadays there many LED options that are very cool and also energy efficient; not like the old orange glowing things we used as children.

(Hafele Lighting)

We have been using these LED lights under floating cabinets, in cabinet toe kicks, in recessed shelving units, glass sinks and such.

      ASCII Piano Room KitchenPiano Room Kitchen

Most of the time we put these on dawn-to-dusk sensors with photo electric eyes that sense light or astrological timers that have dusk-to-dawn times built into them for the next fifty years.

So… sleep well and remember, “We leave the light on for you.”


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