Ironing tips and boards

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I like to iron. Do you? Most folks I talk to would rather have a toothache than iron, but I like it! There is something clean and relaxing about smoothing out wrinkles and breathing the warm, moist air as the iron shoots out steam. And the ironed product looks brand new when it is hanging all pressed and ready to wear.


Following are a few tips I have found to be helpful:

  • Be sure to use distilled water when directions call for it, otherwise the inside of the iron will rust.
  • Cut down on ironing by removing the clothes from the dryer while they are still damp. Then hang them up to finish drying. I keep a large, wooden clothes rack handy for this task.
  • After washing your ironing board cover, let it dry on the ironing board- then starch it! It will stay cleaner longer.
  • To help remove creases in hems, sponge them with a solution of white vinegar and water. Then iron flat.
  • Never use circular strokes — you can stretch the fabric. Iron lengthwise and eliminate wrinkles by blasting the area with steam.
  • When ironing large items, such as a tablecloth or curtains, set up two chairs next to the ironing board and fold the piece carefully onto the chairs as you work on it. You could also iron large items on a tabletop padded with a towel, provided that the table won’t be harmed by the steam or hot temperatures.
  • Iron sensitive fabrics with a pressing cloth — a clean cotton cloth, handkerchief, or napkin. I like to iron fabrics inside out (such as a dark pair of David’s pants) to protect them from becoming singed or shiny. Be sure to iron the legs right side out so the crease is correct (not inverted).
  • If you must use an extension cord with your iron, use a 12-ampere cord. Lighter-weight cords could overheat, causing fires. Make sure that you arrange the cord so you won’t trip over it. I always unplug my iron when I am finished, even though my iron has auto-shut off.
  • Press pleats starting from the bottom, working from the inside of the pleat to the outside. Set pleats with a shot of steam.
  • Let clothes sit for a few hours after you’re finished ironing to allow the creases to set.

Here are a photo of ironing boards we have done





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