Raised Pavers

March 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

     When I was a younger man, we built many decks out of Redwood.  In retrospect, I kind of feel guilt-ridden about using so much redwood knowing how rare and old these beautiful trees are, especially when the reality of it is that redwood does not make the finest decks anyway. 

    These days it seems like every vendor has several decking products.  We have several favorites and some we avoid like the plague.

    As an option to composite or wood, we have used concrete hydo-pressed slabs. Normally you find this type of product used as pavers under a sand bed. 



     If the correct structure is used, these concrete slabs can be installed above ground on a wood deck frame.  As you can imagine, concrete slabs are heavy and require extra structure.  Care also needs to be taken in the layout of the framing. Slabs are installed on a pedestal support that keeps the stones in line and correctly spaced.  



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