Grilling Season

August 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hosting an outdoor barbeque is a favorite summer tradition. However, more people increasingly find themselves barbequing year-round.  I can remember as a kid spraying lighter fluid all over the Kingsford charcoal and enjoying throwing the match on the coals to hear a satisfying ‘whoosh’ sound. 

Most young couples start marriage barbequing with an old used Hibachi grill. However, as we progress in life so do our taste for fancier grills. The most luxurious outdoor cooking involves a built-in appliance which allows a place for everything handy to the cook. This outdoor area includes a grill which can produce a whopping 54,000 BTUs on three burners. Drawers to store utensils come in handy, as well as outdoor refrigerators that are built in under a spacious quartz counter.   


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