Our Process

Hanson Carlen is a residential  architecture and construction company with over 50 years of history in Spokane. Our company was built upon the simple premise of providing inspired architecture and old world craftsmanship to a discerning clientele. At Hanson Carlen we love what we do and bring a wealth of expertise into each of our projects. Creativity, balance and proportion with high quality execution are what drive and inspire us! We believe that each part of a home should not only bring a family comfort but sincerely nurture the way you live your life. We are here to partner with you and are passionate about helping you build your dreams.   

How We Do It

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Starting a project is always fun and exciting for us!  As Architects, our job is to gather pertinent information about you, simplify that information, amplify it and unify it into a buildable project that fits your needs and budget.  We achieve that by following a simple five step process:


In the discovery phase we delve into your family's needs through discussion, questions, research and images.


Once we understand your needs we then begin our creativity. We explore types of design and architecture to meet your goals. 


General ideas are refined with material selection, systems, fixtures, and textures.   We believe the best projects are those that are highly "figured out".  These refinements are communicated verbally and through written drawings/specifications. 


The design process is ready to come to fruition in the construction process!   This splendid architecture is achieved through our skilled craftsmen.   

Satisfied Customer

The goal is to improve your every day life- not just when the project is complete but for years to come.