Air Sealing- Comfort- Home Longevity

November 11, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

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There is always something one can be thankful for;  “At least we had a roof over our heads” is one we can all agree upon!   So after the roof, what else are you thankful for on your home?  I would suggest a close second might be a house that does not leak air.  I suppose we have all experienced the discomfort of sitting in an older home where that air feels overall warm but the drafts from outside air just make us miserable.  The problem is, other than comfort and energy use, walls, roofs and floors can have a big effect on the durability of a house.  Uncontrolled airflow through the shell can carry moisture into the framing cavities, causing mold and rot.  


This past summer as part of a high performance energy package, we used a product that exceeds EPA energy star requirements that we found quite impressive.   The product is called EcoSeal which, when sprayed on creates a continuous air barrier from penetrating the building envelope! Take a look at the photos.

Ecoseal blog postEcoseal blog postEcoSeal freshly sprayed


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