Day of Discovery

March 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
 always wonder what it must have been like for Christopher Columbus to discover a ‘new world’!   Since there are no more new worlds to find, we have to take our discovery ambitions in a different direction.
Late in our design process of a remodel project, we plan a day, which we call the Day of Discovery.   The main reason for this is that we want the very best information that we can get so that we can give you an accurate final estimate of our design.   Surprises in construction are not accepted as positive. If we can find out a problem by good and ‘due diligence’ then we are all the happier.  For instance, “You are going to need a beam here” then this will help the job progress much more smoothly.    Fiber optic scope in ceilingDay discoverLooking into a ceiling
During this Day of Discovery, we will most likely crawl through the attic and make  some small holes in your walls to “scope” what is in there.  Maybe the plumber will stop by so we can discuss how we are going to make the drain lines work.   The more information we attain, the better for both you and me.  
What is so great about this Day is that both the architect and contractor look at the existing conditions and uncover the best solution to map a way for a beautiful, functioning new project.    
Measurements are verified and checked and compared once again to our drawings up to this point. 
Day discover2Day discover2Looking into the floor Day discover1Day discover1Looking into a wall


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