RUST Bucket!

March 06, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Most of the time we think of the word ‘rust’ with a negative connotation.  Jesus said,“ Lay up not for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt.” However, on this particular project, we were looking for a little corruption to make a unique statement and breathe life into a bland room!

We wanted to put a band of metal around the room which would serve as a cool element to break up the 16’ ceiling.  

So we purchased some eight-inch steel and set out to rust the new steel: quickly! Quickly!   Rock salt, some acid and some water mixtures were tried.   In the end, we used a mixture of acid and dissolved some copper solution into it.  And behold~ our architects (and the owners) were delightfully pleased!

The metal was attached within 48” x 6” bands with gaps.  The gaps were highlighted with LED light behind them.  What beauty! This was one case where you could not say, “Bad company corrupts good morals”! 


Rust bucketRust bucketRusted metal soffit Rust bucket 1Close view rusted metal faciaYou can see the rich color of the rust rust bucket 3rust bucket 3Here was a test sample that did not come out very well rust bucket2Rusting away with acidYou can see the rust developing rust bucket 4rust bucket 4About ready to go


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