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Change order!

April 02, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
Change orderChange orderWater in wall
I wanted to follow up last week’s post on the Day of Discovery process.   During the Day of Discovery, we poke around and do our best to see what the existing conditions might be so that we can give you an accurate price.  In fact, most of our projects are so complete that we have an average of less than five changes from the original drawing!   Sometimes however, we find something that could not be seen until the job starts.   In this specific case, we found a floor joist that was severely decayed from moisture.  At this point, we evaluate what needs to be done and write an additional work/change order for the needed repair since it was not included in the original scope of work.  
In this case we found a flat roof porch that was not correctly designed or flashed by the original builder; thus, the severe damage inside the wall of the house.   


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