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Make it Level!

April 14, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

We were installing a fancy soffit detail in an existing home and found that the ceiling was NOT level.

Make it level 1Make it level 1Here is what the band looked like inside of the room

  Maybe this was because of age or maybe it was built that way originally.   The problem was that the new wide band we were installing was to completely wrap around the room and integrate with the new cabinets, windows and fireplace. Make it levelMake it levelUn-level existing ceiling

 What can we do?  If we were to follow the crookedness of the old house, our windows and cabinets would not be level.   The voice of Bruce Walker, a venerable Spokane architect who recently passed away came to mind, “Make things level that are supposed to be level” So that is what we did! 


You can see the pie shape of wood that we fabricated.  This made up for the inch that was out of level.   However, when all was complete, it was hardly noticeable at all!  make it level 3make it level 3Finished look.


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