Closet Lights!

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Most closets are dark.  VERY dark.  Here is a photo of a badly organized and equally badly lighting we just complete.  closet lightscloset lightsBadly light closet- look at the bottom pole... what is down there

In the 1980’s when I built my first home, we thought we were really the bee’s knees when we installed a florescent strip-light on the back side of the closet door header.   “Wow- light in the closet!  I can see something!”  This worked quite well for the most part.  However, the problem was that like most couples, we have too many articles to hang in our closet.   Since most clothes items can be folded and placed on a hanger, we installed double poles thereby essentially doubling our storage- again, brilliant! Conversely, now the light at the top of the closet did not do a very good job illuminating the clothes. The upper pole now effectively blocked the light rays, rendering our genius hoodwinked. Are those pants black or blue?  Is this a tie, or a bathrobe belt? A slipper, or a dead rat?


A couple of years ago we started installing lighted closet poles.   These poles use an LED light inside the actual rod to put light were you need it! LED light in the POLES!closet lights 1Lighted closet poles

Now there is no need to remove several items to determine color, etc.  No question about an article’s authenticity. No cause for wonder if you have a sleeping cat lying near your shoe storage.   

LED closet lightscloset lights 2LED allow you to see if the coat is black or blue closet lights 3closet lights 3Close up LED on crowded closet pole you can see the colors and where you need it




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