Darn Crooked Studs

August 05, 2015  •  1 Comment

Last week I was in Home Depot watching a couple of guys who obviously were not carpenters buying some studs.  They were holding each one up sighting down it and turning it over and showing the other guy and then digging down to the bottom of the pile to find the perfect stud.   While I can understand someone wanting decent studs, I had to chuckle because studs are a commodity and not made to use for an heirloom project.   There are many reasons why companies like ours do not buy any lumber from Home Depot, one of which is the lumber has been picked through so thoroughly that all that is invariably left are some nice boards to make propellers on airplanes.

So, what do you do when you need a really straight wall for a tile job or a wall that is tall and needs to be really flat.   Typically carpenters take the lumber that is less than nice and cut it into small pieces to frame windows and doors- aka trimmers and cripples. 

On this particular project, we purchased LSL lumber or timberstrand manufacuted studs. http://lpcorp.com/products/framing/lp-solidstart-lsl/ These studs are made perfectly straight and stay perfectly straight.   They are strong as well! In fact, the only downside is that they are expensive.  These manufactured studs are a green building solution as well. The manufacturing process combines technology to produce high-performing engineered lumber using small-diameter trees that are not strong or straight enough to be of structural value as conventional sawn lumber products.

In the photo below we are showing a couple of LSL stud projects.   So if you really want straight, stop looking at home depot!  


LSL studsLSL studs LSL studsLSL studs

LSL studsLSL studs LSL studsLSL studs




Thanks a lot. I will advise my contractor use these studs.
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