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How to choose a paint color.

November 02, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

How to choose a paint color.How to choose a paint color.

How do you choose the right paint color for your room?  First, you will need to look at the size of the room and how much direct and indirect light the room receives.  Light plays a critical role when you are choosing a paint color.   Direct light can dramatically change how the paint looks at different times of the day.   People should try to recognize that a color will ‘look different’ in the morning verses evening.  We see color not only by the light source illuminating the object but also by the amount of light the object absorbs. For example, black absorbs all light. 

Today, purchasing light bulbs is more complicated than when I was a child. The only choice was to choose an Edison 60 or 100 watt light.  Now the same bulbs can be bought in different lumens and color temperatures as well. 

Keep these things in mind when looking at “paint chips” in a store,  I find it helpful to hold a sample of pure white next to the potential choice when looking at paint samples.

Here are some good tips I found helpful:

North-facing rooms: Light in these rooms is cool and bluish. Bolder colors show up better than muted colors; lighter colors will look subdued. The use of strong colors is good for these spaces. 

South-facing rooms: A lot of high-in-the-sky light brings out the best in cool and warm colors. Dark colors will look brighter; lighter colors will virtually glow.

East-facing rooms: East light is warm and yellowy before noon, and then turns bluer later in the day. These are great rooms for reds, oranges and yellows.

West-facing rooms: Evening light in these rooms is beautiful and warm, while scant morning light can produce shadows and make colors look dull.

A final tip is when painting a ceiling any color other than white consider using a shade or two lighter than wall color.   Let me know if I can be of any assistance -  I love colors!  ~Janette


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