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Plan first - then build!

November 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

    This week I was in a beautiful old building that is on the historic register of Spokane.  The owner had decided a fireplace would be nice in the lobby.   A few weeks later I noticed a zero clearance unit being installed – not terribly realistic for a 100-year-old building but I am guessing, with budget a concern, some things can be overlooked.    After a few more weeks, a raised hearth was built and tile put around the unit.  As you look at the unit, your first reaction is ugg – (and not Tom Brady’s shoes) clearly something is wrong here.  

Why hire an architect?Why hire an architect?

Besides just being ugly, the proportions are all wrong here.  The hearth is at 18” off the floor when 10”-12” would look much better. 

The hearth is to long.  The tile overwhelms the unit. There is a 4-inch gap between the hearth and wall on the right.  Planning is essential folks - even if you are on a budget.  A drawing to scale would have solved many of these issues.  

Plan first - then build - or be ready to start over and spend twice as much.  Why hire an architect?Why hire an architect?  


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