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What's in Your Drawers?

February 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

We have found that almost every kitchen has a “junk drawer”.  In this drawer you will find some paper clips, a hammer, broken parts, a birthday card from six months ago, a thing that looks like a charger that nobody will claim, a golf ball, lots of barrettes and some rubber bands with hair on them. A kitchen needs a spot like this for most people.  The problem is when every drawer in the kitchen becomes a “junk drawer”.  

Hafele drawer dividersHafele drawer dividers

“A place for everything and everything in its place” is a quote from American author and preacher Charles Goodrich.   Too bad he was not an architect or contractor - this adage makes a lot of sense for a kitchen and especially for drawers.   Drawers are the most convenient space in the kitchen for everyday items.  However, adding organization dividers into each drawer can organize a large, open-spaced drawer into a cooks dream.  Your average person, out of desperation has bought various types of baskets and trays from your typical Target-type of retailer.  These have been made from metal or plastic and inserted into a silverware drawer for sure. While these may help considerably, we have found many of these are not as attractive as you would like to see in your new kitchen.   They also have a tendency to move and shift within the drawer.  To add convenience and savvy, just this past year we began offering a wood drawer divider system that works wonderful and looks fantastic!  Hafele drawer dividersHafele drawer dividers What’s more, these units can be retrofit into your existing cabinet drawers.   Our family loves them – however, we are still keeping our ONE junk drawer! Hafele drawer dividersHafele drawer dividers


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