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When I started my career I used a T-square and a triangle on a drafting board.


Later my T-square was mounted on cables from each side of the board or on a mechanical arm, which was an improvement from the T-square.



Nowadays, I still like to sketch my preliminary ideas by hand but most of our work is performed on computers. 




There are many software programs for architects on the market. We use primarily an Autodesk CAD program for our 2-D drawings. Some software will do 3-D drawings at the same time as 2-D drawings but our office prefers to use separate programs for 2-D and 3-D drawings.


                                   Sketch-up kitchenSketch-up kitchen


Not everyone can visualize a 2-D drawing in 3-D, so SketchUp is a very beneficial program for 3-D drawings. It is fairly easy to use and can give our clients a clearer vision of their project. 

Sketch-up pergolaSketch-up pergola



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