How to build a custom tub that doesn't leak!

June 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

One thing we enjoy is a challenge!

This past year we had a bathroom where the client wanted a tub that could be used as a shower as well.  The problem was that the bathroom wall configuration would not allow for any standard type of tub to be purchased.

Angled shower walls are not normally a problem - but an angled tub?

We have been a big protonate of the Wedi system for several years.  custom Wedi tubcustom Wedi tub

Wedi components are made in Germany and the system is bullet proof when it comes to leaks. 

custom Wedi tubcustom Wedi tub

Wedi is used for tubs in their catalog along with steam showers, benches, and many cool things. 

custom Wedi tubcustom Wedi tub

Our tub was again unusual so we inquired from Wedi about making us one, to which they replied, “Sure!”  Unfortunately, it would have to be made in Europe and shipped here, which was very expensive.

custom Wedi tubcustom Wedi tub

Since the components are available and we have experience with the product, we decided to make our own.  The results were stunning!

custom Wedi tubcustom Wedi tub


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