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Legacy: something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past; heritage.

construction legacy

Some of the work we perform is on homes over a hundred years old.   Often we find a newspaper or periodical that was stuffed into the walls during the original construction.  Last year we discovered a paper dated 1938 about Neville Chamberlain pacifying Hitler, which was quite interesting!  Oftentimes, I have found scrawled a board a carpenter’s signature with a date, or an inspection ticket from over 70 - years ago.  At times like this I think, “Wow! Here is a person with a life like mine who is long gone, but has left a little part of themselves in the work they performed.”    

IMG_3628.JPGconstruction legacyconstruction legacy

My father Dewey making a “hope chest” for one of his grandchildren.


One of the things I sincerely enjoy about my job is the chance to leave something behind that others will appreciate many years after I am gone.   I have been privileged to see this in both my father and grandfather’s work.   So, do a worthy job in whatever you do and once in a while scrawl your name and date on a board inside a wall!


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