Where to put the microwave?

January 25, 2017  •  2 Comments

Let’s face it; microwaves are ugly!  Just where do you put an ugly, beastly microwave in a beautiful new kitchen?  I distinctly remember when my mother brought her first microwave home - it was an Amana Radar Range and the size of large dog carrier. In those days when you bought a microwave, you typically purchased a cart with wheels and proudly showed the unit off.   

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These days a more sophisticated approach is taken to a microwave.  We have put them just about everywhere.  For several clients, we have installed a traditional unit in the island.  While this does a nice job of concealing the unit, the disadvantage is all of the bending a person has to do to see the controls and to remove the hot food. I hesitate building a custom cabinet specifically the size of the unit; it seems the longevity of a microwave is quite short - only three to six years.     

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A drawer unit is a nice option. It will hide the unit and make controls and food handling easier. 


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Thank you for your comment on our journal. These are really nice- clients love them. The drawer microwave is a Sharp SMD2470AS

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