Are your pictures level?

December 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Does it drive you crazy when things that are supposed to be level are not?  Nice artwork on the wall does not look quite as nice when it is a half-inch out of level.  Do you have your spouse stand back and say, “Move it down on the right a bit”?   I have a secret tip.  Use a crossline laser level to hang your artwork.  You can easily make every photo in the room spot-right in seconds.  These tools also help with planning on deciding, “What am I going to hang there?”

Use a laser level to hang photolaser to level photosUse a laser level to hang photo

Use a laser level to hang photoUse a laser level to hang photoUse a laser level to hang photo

Best of all, laser levels are inexpensive.  You can buy a homeowner’s model for $40-$60 which will work just fine.  See:


Or, if you would like a high-end model like the “Old World Craftsmen” use, take a look at this:



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