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Is that Oak?

July 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Often when you say to a client, “How about using oak?” they will look anything but impressed.   Why is this? Maybe this is because they were around in the 1980s when everything from furniture to cabinets was made of poorly crafted oakwith a sickly golden stain.  Or better yet, how about hollow core ‘oak’ doors where you can actually see owl eyes in the grain; or O’Sullivan plastic furniture with simulated oak. 
O Sullivan yuk oak  These are not good examples of oak. So when I show these same clients some samples from our showroom, they say, “Is that oak?”  

Quarter sawn oak bathroomQuarter sawn oak bathroom

The reason for this is in the cut of the wood and how it is fabricated.  Quarter sawn oak does not look anything like the rotary cut that is typically in people’s minds. It is made from a different process. Look at some of our photos of quarter sawn oak.


So how about oak? Even if you do not like it, be sure to say it in such a way as to not hurt my feelings; after all our office has oak in it. 


Quarter sawn Newel Tom Hanson MadeTom Hanson Made newel from quarter sawn oak Quarter sawn oak crown moldingQuarter sawn oak crown molding

Quarter sawn oak cabinets Hanson Carlen Architecture and Construction OfficeQuarter sawn oak cabinets Hanson Carlen Architecture and Construction Office Hanson Carlen office cabinet 


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