Where to put the TV?

November 21, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

A television set above a fireplace?  You see this often, however oftentimes it looks odd.  In my mind there is something that is “Old World” about a fireplace and having a large electronic device over it makes it look strange.  This leads to the second question, where to put the TV?  When I was a kid, our television was in a wood console like this:


Many people do not like the TV being the feature of a room.  So, the conversation often goes back to, “How can I have a television set over the fireplace and cover it?”  Some manner of doors over the TV is the obvious answer. Back in the good ole’ tube TV days, we often built cabinets over the fireplace with ‘flipper doors’ or doors that could be pushed back into the wall when not in use. These old TV’s where very deep and needed a large cabinet depth. Now the new televisions are made to be thin. However, they are more rectangular in shape. The problem now becomes how to cover them with a pair of doors that now need to be wider than they are tall. The solution we used for this job was to use four doors instead of 2 and put them on tracks that bypassed each other. This solution kept the doors small and free from swinging into the room and also made for the possibility of using four bypass doors instead of 2 large swinging doors. Tracks are fairly hidden into the beams above. 

Hidden tv in family roomHidden tv in family room Perfect balance family room mantelPerfect balance family room mantel


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