Heat Loss

May 30, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

When I was a young man I liked the original Star Trek. Do you remember that Mr. Spock had a Tricorder that could detect anything?   These days are similar; you can buy a little box that will see what the eye cannot see - it can do all kinds of wonders!   My latest purchase was an infrared camera. This little device is useful in construction to help determine cold spots in buildings.  We recently had a project in which condensation showed up. It had an annoying drip every now and then coming from the siding. I took my ‘Tricorder’ and determined exactly where the missing insulation was inside the walls of the house.  An area in the attic was not properly blown-in with insulation. This was easy to see with my new infrared camera. Now if they would only invent transporters it would sure save a lot of time traveling.

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