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Google Online ReviewsGoogle Online ReviewsGoogle Online Reviews

We all look at them. We are thinking about a purchase and we think, “Hmm…I wonder how that rates… are there any reviews?” Yes, I do it too.   Actually, it can be very helpful.   

This past week I began to question this.  At Hanson Carlen, we do not get a lot of online reviews as customarily we only work for a handful of new customers per year. Most of our clients are repeat customers or new ones who come from a direct referral.

The other day, I sat down at my computer to delete junk mail. I noticed something from Google about our business ranking and such, so I clicked on it.  Low-and-behold we had a bad review! It said, “Lacks customer service” Now to me, this is HUGE! The name did not ring any bells. I asked Kim and Janette if they had talked to anyone with this name.  NO was the answer.  After spending some considerable time and research, I found it was an employee of a local tele-marketing company.  I contacted the woman immediately - she claims she called us trying to sell “digital marketing” and we were rude. I spoke with her boss who profusely apologized for the spoof “bad review” and it was taken down within minutes. This person was nota customer, nor had she ever met me or talked with me.  She did not know anythingabout our business but was able to slander us in a public setting.   

Let’s be careful and think twice before accepting online reviews as fact! 



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