Hunter HC Pro or the Rainbird Smart Wi-FI Sprinkler Controller

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Everything has an ‘APP’ anymore.  This past summer on a rental property we were building, the landscape contractor installed a couple of different sprinkler control clocks.  We tried both models from Hunter and Rainbird.  The idea of a Wi-Fi controller really makes a lot of sense.   Sure, you can stand in your house or anywhere in the worldand turn your sprinkler zones on and off.  But more importantly, the Wi-Fi clock is smart and saves water.  These clocks synchronize through the internet to weather stations nearby your house giving the controller real-time information about current weather conditions. There are settings for most everything -  “Do not water if rain is forecast.” Or,  “Water extra when hot or over xx temperature.”  Gone are the days where you see the sprinklers running when its pouring rain outside.   

As I said, I tried two models: Hunter HC pro and the Rainbird Smart Wi-FI.

"Hunter PRO-HC""Hunter PRO-HC""Hunter PRO-HC" "Hunter PRO-HC""Hunter PRO-HC""Hunter PRO-HC"

"Rainbird ESP-Me""Rainbird ESP-Me""Rainbird ESP-Me"    "RainBird LNK Wifi Module""RainBird LNK Wifi Module""RainBird LNK Wifi Module"
The Rainbird has a plug in module that is purchased separately that will allow the clock to connect to your wireless network.  Let me make this short and sweet, DO NOT BUY THIS!  The app is clunky and very difficult to use and the connection to Wi-Fi is terrible. The app wants to download information from the clock each time rather than storing information in the cloud.    I could not get rid of this fast enough.

The Hunter HC Pro is perfect.  The app is easy to use.  The connection is flawless, and the clock will even keep working on the last settings you set up - if the Internet is perhaps off for some reason. I would highly recommend this product.


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