Designing and Building a Barn Cupola

August 07, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

This past winter one of the projects we were worked on was a beautiful, large wooden barn for a client. For this particular project we crafted a very large and gorgeous cupola. When looking at a cupola from far away (and once a cupola is on top of the barn) it looks a lot smaller than it really is. That’s why when sizing a cupola, it is imperative to get the right fit for the barn, so it looks right. For starters, you take the length of the ridge on the barn and multiply it by 1.25 inches. Another thing we had to take into consideration when we constructed this cupola is how to get the cupola up on top of the ridge of the barn. Since it was extremely heavy, we made the cupola in several pieces so that it could be lifted section by section and assembled on the roof. We primed and painted all the pieces in the shop to ensure a protective beautiful paint job. 

Take a look at the video below to see how Hanson Carlen went about building this beautiful cupola. This cupola even has a weathervane on top of it, what a stunning icon in beautiful Greenbluff! 

Building a Barn Cupola How Hanson Carlen built this beautiful barn cupola


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