Iconic Kirtland Cutter- Stimson Home Replica

September 14, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

If you have walked by or visited the Hanson Carlen office, you may have seen this house model in the window and wondered if this house was actually real. 

It is real! This house model, built by Dewey Hanson before he retired, is a replica of the Stimson house by Kirtland Cutter.  Dewey moved from Minnesota and founded Hanson Carlen Architecture and Construction here in Spokane in the year 1976. 

When you look closely at this house you can see there is a lot of detail and work that went into building this Stimson replica. If you were to tour the Kirtland Cutter house here in Spokane, you would see how closely this model resembles the actual house.

In 2012 the Spokane Journal featured an article on this unique model of the Stimson home. You can read that here. In the video below you can see the great amount of work and detail that went into crafting this beautiful Stimson house.

Kirtland Cutter Home ModelThis home model is a detailed replica of the Kirtland Cutter Home located in Spokane, WA



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