Thinking Well to Be Wise

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This past year I am sure you have heard talk about the shortages of supplies. We have noticed these shortages have begun to affect the construction industry. A few of the things that we’ve noticed is that it has become more difficult to obtain heat pumps and appliances, as well as many other items. For instance, some appliances are taking 9 months to receive! 

Hanson Carlen Storage Room


Since there has been a change in later delivery dates of the items we need for our customers, we have been trying our best to stay one step ahead of this current situation by ordering far in advance for future projects well before the project even begins. Since we design our own projects in-house, we have devised a great plan; this new system helps us stay ahead of things- an advantage many other companies may not have. This keeps us on our toes, as it is critical to stay organized when ordering ahead of time. Our system is devised to keep track of what has been ordered, where it has been stored and to label each item with identification tags for each specific job to which it belongs, along with its arrival date. This ensures that the items are easily available; when the items are needed and the crew is ready, they have the exact information they need to be organized and productive. 


When we designed and built our new office, we constructed it to have a storage area in which to keep the supplies as they arrive. In addition, we have a barn where we can keep the larger items for any period needed. This type of planning ahead helps the project go along smoothly and the progress not be delayed. 



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