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Sewer on Your Newly Purchased Land

March 19, 2021
In our previous blog we talked about site work and how there are three parts to the process of building a new home. We discussed the driveway to your home and what a good...
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The Driveway to Your New Home

February 26, 2021
When you have a home built there are three parts to the process. Purchasing the property, the actual construction of the home and the site work. Oftentimes when buying pr...
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Bad Bones to a House- Does it Really Matter?

February 12, 2021
A lot of times you will hear us talk about the ‘good bones’ of a house and what that means. How the house is built is critical to a home lasting a long time with no issue...
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Innovative Insulation

January 29, 2021
Recently, for one of our projects we had the opportunity to try out a new product- Rockwool Comfortbatt. Wow…what a product! This innovation has a lot of cool features. A...
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Cheap Cabinets

January 18, 2021
In case you have not noticed, there is a HUGE cabinet company based out of Liberty Lake that ships cabinets all over the Nation. They have a huge showroom with many ads...
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