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Heat Loss

May 30, 2018
When I was a young man I liked the original Star Trek. Do you remember that Mr. Spock had a Tricorder that could detect anything? These days are similar; you can buy a li...
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ModularArts Wall Panels

May 09, 2018
Instead of hanging art on the wall, how about if the wall becomes the art? This can work really well for certain situations. For several years we have been using a pr...
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Spring Garden

April 18, 2018
I love to garden. Some of my happiest gardening memories are early in the spring when the sun has just risen. The sky is a beautiful orange hue, the birds are singing and...
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Tuscan Tile Leveling System

March 28, 2018
I remember an older bully in our neighborhood when I was a young boy in Minnesota. He would say to me, as a third grader, “Don’t give me no lip” and then he would give me...
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Ditra Heat by Schluter Systems

March 07, 2018
It is hard to beat walking on warm floors. I believe that having hydronic or water heated floors is the ‘cat’s meow’. Several years ago, we wrote an article about heated...
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