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Durable, Easy Care Flooring

June 14, 2021
There are many different types of flooring. Recently in a new home we built we used Hallmark Organic Flooring. One of the reasons our clients chose this flooring for thei...
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No More Squeaky Floors!

May 24, 2021
Everyone hates squeaky floors… such a nuisance! Have you ever wondered just why a floor squeaks? Well, one of the reasons a floor may squeak is due to the sub floor separ...
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Light Bright, Making Things with Light

April 26, 2021
Over the years lighting has changed so much! Lighting is important to a project’s beauty, so one of the things we like to plan with you when we design your project is a g...
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Sewer Distribution- Pressure System

April 05, 2021
When building a new home oftentimes you need a sewer system to be installed along with a sewage distribution system. There are usually three basic types of sewage distri...
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Sewer on Your Newly Purchased Land

March 19, 2021
In our previous blog we talked about site work and how there are three parts to the process of building a new home. We discussed the driveway to your home and what a good...
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