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Tips and Tricks to an Air Tight Home

December 04, 2020
There are a few tricks we learned while installing the Zip System Sheathing. It is critical to make sure it is sealed in all possible places that it could leak air. We us...
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Ensuring Your Home is Tightly Air Sealed

November 16, 2020
In our last vlog, we looked at the benefits of using ZIP System Insulated R- Sheathing on a home. This type of insulation does a great job in sealing the house, but we f...
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Good "Bones" to a Home Start Here

November 02, 2020
One of the things that we always tell our customers when we first meet with them is the importance of the “bones” of the house. What makes the bones of a house good is ho...
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Gatekeeper to Your Cozy Home

October 19, 2020
In our last conversation/blog we talked about Sierra Pacific windows- and we have a bit more to comment upon. Not only are their windows some of the best windows in the P...
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Beautiful Eyes

October 05, 2020
The eyes are the window to the soul. In many ways, windows in a home are similar. Sierra Pacific windows are some of the best windows you can buy here in the Pacific Nort...
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